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​Bialetti Bialetti Venus - 4 or 6 Cups

Bialetti Bialetti Venus - 4 or 6 Cups

The Bialetti Venus combines beauty and elegance in a tastefully designed stove top espresso maker.

The beautiful stovetop espresso maker is completely made from high quality 18/10 stainless steel (including inner parts such as funnel & filterplate) and can be used on gas, electric as well as induction stoves.

Our Bialetti Venus features a 2 year manufacturer warranty

Our Bialetti Venus Stovetop Maker is available in the following sizes:

4 Espresso Cup = 8.0 fl.oz / 230ml (max. boiler capacity)

6 Espresso Cup = 10 fl.oz / 300ml (max. boiler capacity)


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4 cups

6 cups

10 cups

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