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T&C Fruit Tea 'Cherry Pie'

T&C Fruit Tea 'Cherry Pie' - Ingredients: Hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, raisins, flavouring, sour cherries.

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Our 'Cherry Pie' fruit tea is absolutely delicious mixture of sour cherries, elderberries, raisins and hibiscus blossoms, flavoured with natural oils for a delicate finish. This remarkably rich and refreshing brew is made from the finest ingredients and is completely caffeine free. Enjoy this fruit infusion hot or cold, sweetened with honey or sugar to suit your individual taste.

Fruit Tea for sale online - Fruit tea online shop - Wholesale Fruit tea suppliers in UK - United Kingdom. We supply only the finest Fruit tea blends. Fruit teas characteristics and effect: fruit tea is a blend of carefully picked up leaves, petals and dried fruits. The liquor is notable for rich reddish colour and flavour of fresh and ripe fruits. Fruit tea is caffeine-free, and suitable to drink any time.

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How To Brew

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Tea Type: Fruit Tea

Temp: 97 C

Quantity: 1.5 - 2tsp / 220-250ml

Steep: 8 - 10min/hot, 8 - 15min/iced

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